Topics of Exhibition


Opto-electronic devices and equipments

-Control and analytical instrument
-Survey instrument and systems
-Material laser processing
-Thermovision systems
-Avia and aerospace optic electronic systems
-Astronomical optics
-Radiation detectors and sources

Optical materials and technologies

-Optical glass, crystal, ceramics
-Materials for fiber/laser optics
-Materials for ultraviolet and infrared bands
-Optics shaping modern technology
-Antireflection coating and new types of optical filters
-Diamond turning technologies
-Optical element producing/processing technologies
-Machines and instruments

Lasers and holography

-Gas, solid-state, liquid, semiconductor lasers
-Fiber lasers
-Optical and laser elements
-Control, cooling, power systems for laser
-Production laser equipments
-Material laser processing
-Laser control instruments
-Laser finishing and decorative treatment of materials
-Holographic protection technique of documents and articles
-Contactless analysis of strength and internal defects
-Pictorial holography
-High capacity information tank

Fiber-optical communication, components and technologies

-Optic devices, components and accessories for fiber and optical link
-Optic fibers
-Optic cables
-Processing equipment

Optics in medicine

-Ophthalmologic devices
-X-ray equipments
-Laser surgery and physical therapy instruments
-Vision correction instruments
-Endoscope, colonoscope
-Medical thermovisional equipments
-Operating and biological microscopes


-Toolmaker’s microscope
-Bio microscope
-Electronic and digital microscopes

Consumer optic products

-Night and day vision equipment, telescopes
-Photo- and video

Till opening of the forum:
-1427 days