Transport and customs services


Hereby we inform you that OOO DMW-EXPO is:

  1. The forwarder of GUP MCVDNT MOSCOW and GAO VVC. Our company can offer forwarding and customs services for international exhibitions, trade shows and fairs taking place in exhibitions halls No. 70 and 75 and in all exhibition areas of OAO GAO VVC» as well as abroad;
  2. The owner of temporary storage warehouse (SVH) (License No. 10129/200024).

Being a well-organized team of professionals DMW-Expo is ready to provide in any moment the Russian and foreign exhibitors with high-quality services in forwarding and customs clearing their exhibition goods, equipment, materials, etc. For example, we proved active and qualitative work on organization of such exhibitions as Lift Expo Russia 2011, 1520 III International Trade Show of Railway engineering and technologies, International Trade Show Flowers-2011, the 24th International Moscow Book Fair, VII Wholesale Jewelry Exchange JUNWEX Moscow, Agro-industrial Trade Show Golden Autumn 2011, NAT-EXPO 2011, the 17th International Industrial Exhibition METAL-EXPO 2011, International Fair GREEN WEEK 2012 taking place in Berlin, etc.
DMW-EXPO provides full complex of forwarding services including storage, loading/unloading, lifting, rigging, customs clearing and consulting on handling with exhibition goods. DMW-EXPO has trained, highly qualified personnel and means adapted for any kind of the above-mentioned works. Due to a broad network of reliable partners DMW-EXPO can also carry out internal and external carriages by all transport modes.

Russia, 129223, Moscow, prospect Mira 119, VVC, Bld.452
Tel. +7(495)234 56 52, +7 (495)234 56 51

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-1427 days